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Having trouble knowing what to look for when buying a tablet PC?  At MacPC Market we can explain the difference in tablet specs, features, and prices.  Whether your interested in an iPad, Android, Windows, or Kindle tablet, we’ve got you covered.

Probably no other are of consumer electronics has seen more growth in popularity than that of tablets in the last few years.  There are several well-known tablet brands in the market, but the most prominent are Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon’s Kindle.

How do you plan on using your tablet?

If it is primarily for business and productivity you will most likely want to invest in a full-size tablet (8.9 inches or larger) and most likely an external keyboard. Windows tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro have the same processing power as a business laptop and will be familiar to those that have used a PC before because it runs the same Microsoft Windows operating system.  Apple’s iPad series is another excellent choice if you want something ultra-portable but don’t need a tablet that will offer near-laptop functionality.

If your needs are more casual or for basic gaming, Apple’s iPad should be at the top of your shopping list. The App Store offers the richest array of high-quality applications and games. However, there are several brands of Android tablets on the market that compete directly with the iPad in this area.  Android tablet owners can select from a huge library of applications at the Google Play Store.  In 2014, Google Play actually surpassed Apple’s App Store with the number of apps available for download.

Looking for a tablet for a family with kids?  Any parent’s number one concern for a family sharing a tablet is safeguarding their children from inappropriate content.   Amazon Fire tablets have sophisticated parental controls. Apple’s iPad  also offers some basic safeguards, along with “family sharing” for app and iTunes purchases. Some Android devices also offer the ability to set up profiles.  There are also free apps that are available for both the iPad and Android tablets such as K9 Web Protection (  K9 helps protect you and your family by blocking inappropriate websites and setting up time restrictions.