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If you are unsure of whether a Windows PC or an Apple desktop (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro) is the right desktop computer for you, let the staff at MacPC Market assist you in making the right purchase.

It’s easy to become intimidated when buying a new computer by the sheer number of technical decisions that may have to make.  Most people looking to purchase a computer are intending to replace their old one, typically because it is running slowly or have other issues.  Before making the decision to purchase a new computer, you may want to consider talking to us about potential upgrades that may give your computer a new lease on life.

How do you choose the best desktop computer for your needs?

You may be wondering how much RAM you’ll need, what type of processor/CPU best suits your needs, which graphics card to pick, what kind of LCD monitor to look for, which hard drive or how much space you will need.  There are so many questions that it can be very difficult to know where to begin.

MacPC Market can help you decide what type of desktop computer best suits your needs.  Just stop by our store and one of our friendly associates can help.  Continue reading if you’d like some additional information to help with your decision.

There is a simple way to at least begin cutting down the choices and ensure you get the best desktop computer for your needs.

First, let’s start out by forgetting about the technical jargon and specifications, and instead focus on something much more basic and important: What you will be using your computer for?

Think for a minute about the type of software and applications you’ll be using on your computer since these will help to select the type of computer you will need.

If you will only need software for basic tasks (e.g., surfing the web, sending email, Office programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint), then you should only need a computer with minimal features, which will save you money.

If you will also be using your computer for entertainment purposes, like watching movies, listening to music and playing the occasional game you will probably need to spend a little more money.  You will need a larger hard drive to store your files, possibly a larger screen and good speakers. However this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money.  You may be able to get all these features in a budget “all-in-one” or “AIO” computer or even a laptop.

However, if you want to play the latest action games or will be editing videos, the computer hardware is typically more expensive.  You will need a larger quality screen, a good sound card and speakers, and a powerful graphics card, fast hard drive, and a fairly powerful processor (CPU).