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Apple Mac Mini Sales & Upgrades | Cleveland TN

The Apple Mac mini was introduced as the least expensive system ever shipped by Apple, packing modest performance in very compact and elegant simple cases.

The Mac mini can be divided into three basic groups — PowerPC, Intel Polycarbonate (i.e. Plastic), and Aluminum. However, there are substantial differences between the Mac mini models within each group

MacPC Market services all models of the Mac mini, but we typically only keep the Aluminum Mac mini models in stock for sale.  We may occasionally have one or more of the plastic Intel Mac mini models in stock.

At this time, MacPC Market will usually not keep any Mac mini models more recent than the 2012 model year.

Are you ready to purchase a Mac mini from MacPC Market?  Do you have additional  questions?  Come by and visit us, give us a call, or shoot us a message.

The Mac Mini is a small form factor desktop computer.  All model years take up no more space than 8 inches by 8 inches.  If you are looking for a Mac mini model that has an internal DVD/CD drive, only models before the mid-2011 have this feature.  Starting with the mid-2011 model, if you want to be able to read or write to a DVD/CD, you will need to purchase an external optical drive to connect to your Mac mini usually by USB.

The Mac Mini was Apple’s first consumer desktop to ship without a monitor, keyboard, or a mouse The latest model of Mac Mini is also Apple’s first computer to have an HDMI video port to connect to a television or external monitor.