Aluminum iMac

Aluminum iMac

aluminum Apple iMac computerMacPC Market considers the Aluminum iMac (models built from 2007 to 2011) to be the best value for those looking to purchase a refurbished desktop Apple brand computer.  We try to keep a suitable selection of these refurbished models of iMac because of their popularity and value.  Best of all, even the 2007 models will still run the latest version of Apple’s OS.

If you already own an iMac, MacPC Market can repair your iMac or even upgrade it with a Solid State Drive (SSD), which will dramatically improve its performance.  Take a look at our videos that show a comparison between a stock Aluminum iMac and the same one upgraded with and SSD and additional memory.  It is almost unbelievable…

There are actually a few advantages to purchasing one of these iMac models over the more recent SlimUnibody iMac.  The main advantage being a significant price savings of 50% or more.  Also, the Aluminum iMac has the ability to upgrade the memory and hard drive storage.  The latest iMac models do not allow for upgrades to hard disk storage and you may not be able to upgrade the memory either.  Lastly the previous model iMac has a built in DVD/CD drive, which the newer ones do not.

The most current model of the iMac is the Slim Unibody iMac (models from 2012 to current year).  However, just looking directly from the front of the two models, they look very similar.  For most people, a refurbished iMac model 2007 through 2011 will handle all their computing needs and also realize a significant savings.

The Apple iMac is considered an all-in-one computer or AIO.  The iMac has the DVD/CD drive, memory, processor, wifi, Bluetooth, and all its ports incorporated into the display housing.  If you use wifi to connect to your internet, along with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the only cord needing to be connected to the iMac is the power cord!

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